Liebster Award Nomination

I am very proud and honoured to tell you that I have been nominated for the Liebster Award by the lovely Maggie from Mags On The Move. Thanks so much!

Admittedly, I haven’t heard of this award before but I think it’s a great idea to spread the love and the word and tell others about new blogs and current favourites that are just starting out.


The Rules

  • Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog.
  • Answer the 11 questions they ask you.
  • Nominate your favourite 11 bloggers with less than 500 followers.
  • Ask those bloggers 11 questions.
  • Let those bloggers know that they have been nominated so that they can continue the chain.

A little bit about me:

If you were to recommend just one place for your readers to visit, out of all the places you’ve been, where would it be?

That’s a tough one. Although I have never talked about it on my blog so far, I lived in Geneva for half a year and absolutely loved my experience there. In terms of traveling it feels to me that Switzerland is a country that is often not considered as a destination, yet it’s magnificent. It’s absolutely gorgeous but maybe not very attractive to young folks. (You should definitely check back for my post on Switzerland)!

Do you prefer to travel solo, with a significant other, or in a group (friends, family, etc) and why?

I love to travel with people who I love because it’s simply great to discover places together and share memories. It’s funny to see what everyone thought about different experiences when you talk about them later.

What do you think is the best kept travel secret? (travel websites, travel products, hotels, restaurants, etc)

Well, it’s not a secret anymore once people start spreading the word, right? I think one of the places I would have completely missed would have been Holbox in Mexico if I hadn’t read about it in the FT actually. But I think the best thing to do is to leave the beaten track and discover the “real place” wherever you go. And don’t eat at McDonald’s just because you know what you’re gonna get! 😉

If you had to spend the next year in any one location and couldn’t travel anywhere during that time, where would it be?

I am currently living in London and am always overwhelmed how many things you can do in this city. I’ve spent three years here and haven’t seen let alone discovered it all. So I think having to spend a year here without the possibility to leave wouldn’t be a punishment at all.

But if that doesn’t count I would totally go back to Mexico.

And if it should be something new I would never say no to the chance to experience a new place; what about South Africa for a starters?

How do your friends and family back home feel about your choice to travel?

Tricky to answer. I live abroad. So I guess the response I get from home is totally different to what I would get if I would travel a couple of times throughout the year.

What’s the perfect length of time to spend in a location to feel like you’ve really experienced it?

That totally depends on the place and how well you manage to merge with the people there. But I would say three to six months.

What do you always pack before setting out on the road?

I always think twice where I am going to and what the weather is going to be like most likely. Am I going to a place where the weather could go from sunny to rain and snow in one day or will the sun always be shining? According to that I pack everything from warm clothes and spare ones, in case they get wet/dirty, to sunblock.

What is your favourite travel memory, if you had to pick just one?

Discovering the South of France. Such a pretty place and loads of things to do and see. Great landscape, too, and a lot of hills to climb.

What is the worst experience you’ve ever had traveling?

I had a lunchtime flight from Tuxtla, Chiapas, to Mexico City. I arrived at the airport and said to my Mexican travel companion “There’s smoke out there right next to the airstrip”. We checked in and went to have breakfast. After that we both got seriously sick and our flight got delayed. We spent nine hours sitting at the airport watching the fire not knowing if we’ll ever make it to Mexico City that day. Most of the time we were looking for the closest toilet or a place to lie down though. Our flight got called twice during that time but all our hopes were destroyed in no time. Finally we got into Mexico City at around 10pm the same day.

How do you work or save to afford your travel habit?

Wise management of resources, I’d say. 😉

Why do you travel? (I know it’s vague, interpret however you like.)

Ha! That should be an easy question to answer if there wasn’t so much to say. For a starters it’s incredible how traveling opens your mind and changes your point of view. It’s a huge learning curve and you start to appreciate different things and learn things about yourself you could have never imagined. But most of all, it makes you more resistant and tolerant. To sum it up: It’s fantastic.

My nominations – current favourites and blogs that are worth reading and supporting.

Khnah Hoa

Nowhere to go but Everywhere

Wanderlust Overloaded

Lucy’s Miles Away


An American Girl in Transit

Go where no Sophia has gone before

Enlightened Allure

Cookies and Sangria

50 Year Project

Adventuring in Austria

Now it’s turn for my questions.

  1. What’s your dream destination and why?
  2. What’s the most inspiring place you have ever been to or you intent to go?
  3. Which experience about traveling do you value the most (meeting new people, learning about new cultures, learning a new language, seeing new things, etc)?
  4. What was the most awkward travel experience you have had so far?
  5. Which place do you think should be on everyone’s radar but is ever so often missed?
  6. What’s your favourite type of travel (relaxation, adventure, sports, family, couple, etc)?
  7. Is there something you always do when abroad – a habit?
  8. Is there something you really miss from home when abroad or something you even can’t travel without?
  9. If you could recommend one thing about traveling what would it be?
  10. What are the five travel-essentials you’re never going without?
  11. Do you have a song you always put one when traveling?

I am looking forward to all your answers! Thanks again so much, Maggie.

– Catherine

PS: As I just found out Emma from Live and Learn Travel Blog also nominated me. Thanks so much, Emma!











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