Mayan Riviera II: Rico Tulum

A couple of days ago I introduced you to the Mayan Riviera. No such post would be complete without Tulum. I have been talking about Tulum earlier. It has one of the nicest archeological sites in the country, especially because it’s located at the beach and the castle oversees everything.



Tulum offers something for everyone. Hippy-fun – check! Intimate togetherness – check! A nice spot for a wedding- check! Culture – check! Plenty of food-choices – check! Family holiday – check! You see, the list could go on and on and on…

Where to eat?

The village is small but the main road offers plenty of choices: Vegetarian, Mexican, Argentinian, Italian gelato, etc.

Tip: I have been talking about my favourite mariscos place in Tulum earlier. Check it out here.

Where to stay?

On the beachfront there is a whole host of pretty places. Basic accommodation that literally gives you a roof above your head but nothing more starts from ~MXN400. A nice room with private shower starts from ~MXN 1000. All these hotels feature access to the beach. No worries, there is always also a public access to the beach! Cheaper options can be found in the village.

The hotel zone if you will is nicely impeded in the National Park and runs along the 109 from North to South. I would suggest that the nicer beaches are in the North.

Here are a couple of impressions from my last stay in Tulum.


 Cute little cabins for 2-4 people. Imagine the view. I want to wake up to this view every day…and with the beach just a stone’s throw away.


 Shared cabins providing basically nothing more than a roof above your head.


 The way to the beach.


 Proudly enjoying my freshly harvested coconut water in front of my room. Yummy!

How to get there?

Public transport: Buses run frequently from the central bus station ADO or the cheaper way is to pick a small white van at the Avenida Tulum that says “Playa-Tulum”. In general these vans are considered to be safe.

Car: Take the Highway 307 (1h 40min for 131km)

What to do?

Tulum will never disappoint. It offers:

  • fantastic beaches;
  • snorkeling trips to a nearby reef;
  • great food and drinks;
  • a chilled out athmosphere;
  • one of the most beautiful archeological sites in Mexico






 I know that the clouds in some of these pictures look pretty terrifying. But it didn’t rain and the pictures were all taken at the same time of the day.

How to get around in Tulum itself?

  • Either by walking (since places of interest are widespread you need to have time for doing so)
  • Taxi (relatively inexpensive)
  • Own car
  • Bike
  • Hitchhiking (most people won’t say ‘no’ to giving you a lift)

Please leave a comment and tell me if this information was helpful, if you would add anything at all simply tell me about your experience. I am happy to give some advice offline, too.

– Catherine






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