Flavours of Mexico: To taste is to truly know…

We all love Mexican cuisine. Most of the time what we consider to be truly Mexican is actually adapted to European tastes or Texmex.

A little bit of history

Mexican food is a mix of traditional ingredients and European (especially Spanish) influences. Thanks god the Spanish haven’t been successful in their attempt to impose their food on the Natives. As in every country you’ll every region has its own taste and specialities. The Mexican cuisine was added by UNESCO to its list of the world’s “intangible cultural heritage”.

A little “food porn” and some tips




I am in love with tostadas con mariscos (tostadas with seafood).


The art of eating tacos.



My favourite restaurant in Tulum. It’s at the southern tip of the village and it’s very easy to pass by if you are not watching out for it. It’s lovely decorated, reasonably priced, has great service and awesome fun. Reading the menu is a pleasure and shows that they are not taking themselves to seriously. (Venida Tulum Manzana 40 Lote 1TulumMexiko)

IMG_2326_1More tacos.


Ojo rojo.


Seafood cocktail – in this case with shrimp: Heaven on earth.


Or ceviche.

A hidden gem in the middle of nowhere

I have to admit, I would have never ever ever found this little treasure or even if I had seen the sign next to the road (literally) I wouldn’t have bothered to stop. An hour outside of Cancun on the road to Holbox, in the middle of nowhere there was a sign and everyone who knows about it reads “the best tacos near and far are sold here”. It was 9.30am and what a question, of course I was hungry! The food was tasty, the place was incredibly nicely decorated, the price was ridiculous. 3 tacos and a refresco (soda) for MEX$ 48! The fact that they even had veggie options made me very happy, too.



Choice – who needs more, seriously! It doesn’t look much but it was plenty.


Ordering food.



DSC06901_1Tacos de guisados (homemade tacos).

What’s your favourite Mexican food?

– Catherine

Note: This is not a sponsored post.


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