Mayan Riviera I: Does Akumal really have the most beautiful beaches?

There are so many things I want to say about the Mayan Riviera. I decided to split my thoughts and come up with a series. Here is the first one on Akumal.

The first time didn’t impress me very much.

I got really excited when my friend told me about Akumal. He casually added that Akumal’s beaches are supposed to be amongst the finest in the world. This completely won me over and I wanted to see them right away. When I visited for the first time I was quite disappointed and left to a place that always guarantees nice beaches: Tulum – which is only a few kilometres down the road (post to follow suit in part II of this series – stay tuned!).

But then…

I had the feeling that I had to come back. I had the feeling that I would miss out on something if I wouldn’t. Maybe I hadn’t paid enough attention. Maybe beauty can be found somewhere? Maybe I didn’t look hard enough? Maybe I was wrong…or right?

What was different this time?

An unforgettable experience: Natar con tortugas (Swimming with turtles)

I was all in when I was asked if I wanted to swim with turtles. We went to the Akumal Dive Centre, booked a private guide for an hour who took us out into the sea and made sure we wouldn’t miss out on anything that was going on underneath us. Seeing all these turtles, rays, fish and corals in their natural habitat was a unique experience. Floundering about in the water for an hour was nothing but a pleasure. The water was warm and with a life jacket and flippers on it was not hard work at all.

Unfortunately, I didn’t take any pictures in the water but I got plenty from the beach. I was there on a Saturday and I think especially on the weekends it can be quite crowded.

What about the beaches then?

Having seen many more beaches on the Mayan Riviera I agree, the beach(es) in Akumal is/are beautiful. For sure nicer than the ones in Cancun for example. I wouldn’t hesitate to go back – if only for a couple of hours!







Good to know

How to get there?

  • Public Transport: Take a bus from Cancun to Playa del Carmen and a bus from there to Akumal
  • Car: Take the Highway 307 (1hr 20min for 104 km)

What to do? Enjoying the beach and watersports (diving, fishing, snorkling)

How to do it? Ask for prices and tours at the Akumal Dive Centre

How much does it cost? One-hour snorkeling with a guide was roughly MXN$ 350/person

Tip: Don’t worry if you don’t speak Spanish – most of the people/staff do speak (some) English. You won’t have a problem managing to find your way through. On top of that Mexicans are really friendly and open – communicating is never a problem.

 – Catherine

Note: This post hasn’t been sponsored by the Akumal Dive Centre. Nevertheless, I had a really good experience there, the staff was really friendly and helpful and the guide was awesome. Therefore, I’d like to highly recommend it. 


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