Cafe Tacuba

I have been talking about places to see and things to do in Mexico a lot. I also want to touch on other things like culture and food a little bit. The first things that come to our mind when we thing about Mexico (yes, my dear friends, I have to say it, and it couldn’t be a bigger stereotype) are Corona, sombreros, cacti and probably not tacos but fajitas (and europeanised burritos), and of course the Mariachi. (In my case also Speedy Gonzales and I love to mention that because this little mouse for sure was my childhood hero!) But, there is so much more that defines this big country. Talking about size, consider that: One of the states, Veracruz, is as big as Austria! (There are probably more, but I haven’t been comparing all the 32 states to the size of Austria)

Today I’d like to share a song from my favourite Chilango musicians. Why did it take me so long to discover them – or should I say, why are they that unknown in Europe?

While the Mariachi are as Mexican as tacos, little about the pop- and rock scene is known outside the country. I have to say, although not a big fan of commercial pop, I have been impressed by the huge number of artists that has been featured in the breakfast show on Televisa (Mexican mass media company, and the second largest in Latin America) every morning.

– Catherine


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