Isla Mujeres

A couple of days ago I finally managed to jump onto a ferry and explore Isla Mujeres. I say finally, because I have been wondering for so long what Isla Mujeres might be and look like.

I should probably have started off with a post about Cancun – be assured it’s in the making. I am saying this because Isla Mujeres is great for a day-trip or a weekend, but personally I wouldn’t stay there for a whole week or longer (but that’s just me and there is so much more to explore here). From Cancun it’s easy to get there. The ferry takes roughly 20 minutes and costs around USD19 (return). Ferries run frequently (every half-an-hour).

Getting around is easy and hazel free – rent a golf cart, a motorbike or simply hire a taxi to take you where you want to go to. The island is 7km long – which, in theory, would it even make possible to walk!




Almost an iconic picture. The two things you’ll find on every corner (right after tacos – but we’re not talking about food here!) are Coca Cola and Sol. I should, at some point, dedicate a post to the high number of Coca Cola murals I have seen here – meaning in Mexico. Mexico is the biggest consumer of “refrescos” (everything sugary with a fizz) in the world. And even consumes more Coke than the US does.


Beautiful sunset. Since Isla Mujeres is only 13km of the coast of Cancun you can still see the skyline (should I say, hotel-line?!) in the distance. The beaches in the West are sandy, while the ones in the East are rocky and the waves are much higher.






Cancun in the background.


I would definitely not miss out on a fun day exploring the island. Maybe go snorkeling or swim with dolphins or even go diving. One of the bigger attractions is definitely the MUSA (Cancun Underwater Museum).

– Catherine


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