Don’t cross!


Dear tourists, one of the golden rules for you that will save your lives is to NOT cross the street when the Londoners do! (No, I didn’t go nuts with the word ‘not’; I really mean it!)

Whenever I am crossing the streets I am thinking about this madness. Really, London can be a quite dangerous place when it comes to crossing the street (or cycling – but more on that later).

Here is what happens daily in central London: London/ers are in a constant rush (I am really sorry if someone ever snapped at you when you took pictures with your smart phone/fancy camera in their way or when you didn’t stand on the right hand side on the escalators…more about this later, too) hence, no one has time to amble to the next pedestrian crossing let alone wait until the light is green. But let me tell you it needs quite some experience to get the moment right when to cross the street while the next cab/bus/car is heading towards you at full speed (NOOOO they won’t slow down, forget about it!).

Things only get worse the further away from the centre you are – cars drive faster and care even less about poor pedestrians in the middle of the street. Somehow, I have the impression the streets also get wider. It’s a little bit like hunting…

– Catherine


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