Welcome to the…jungle

Bless the one(s) who invented smart phones. And even more so those brainies who come up with clever applications.

As I’ve mentioned in an earlier post London is  a maze, overwhelming due to its size (but more later on being overwhelming), and traffic circulates on the – bloody – wrong side of the road. At least for the majority of the people that’s the case. Coming from continental Europe it took me a considerable amount of time to adjust to this ‘phenomena’. But the ‘Look right/left’ writing on the zebra crossing helps, too.

So, how to find your way around and even more worrisome; on which side of the road should you get on the bus?

Citymapper helps and does a great job. Simply download the app for free, connect to 3G and off you go – wherever you go. The quickest way though is by catapult (download the app and find out what this means)!


Safe travels!

– Catherine


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