London Diary


Over the last year and a bit I have written a lot about London. A lot of touristy stuff. Some useful stuff, too – I hope. But now I want to give you an insight into what it is really like to live in London. I want to enable you – wherever you are in this world – to experience a little bit of London life. Its highs and its lows. I think I will take you through London step by step. I will add a little bit of spice here and there and I will certainly still add a little bit of useful information for tourists and London lovers. Because after all, I will always deeply love this city. Despite its size it made me feel welcome and at home from the very first day. I was curious to explore it and I still am.

Let me start with a little bit about myself. Like any good story this one needs an introduction, too. Let’s set the scene. I chose London as an ambitious student for my final degree and also to bring my language skills to perfection. I am a big fan of languages, they are magical and enable you to go this little step further – to understand people and cultures. At the same time, today, let’s face it, English is the lingua france and there is no getting around being fluent in English. So here I am, an already Europe-savvy girl in London. Although I have lived in numerous places before none taught me so many things as London did. Life is a constant learning journey, isn’t it?

If you think you can experience or understand or get to know London in a couple of days, weeks or months – forget about it. I embarked on this journey two years ago and I am nowhere near. Although I pretty much go out and see places every weekend (and yes, after some time, the everyday life kicks in, too) there are still so many things to see. The good and the bad is that there is something new – an exhibition, a concert, a play, a party, a new restaurant/bar – every week/end. I clearly remember the first two times I visited London as a tourist. Nothing made sense – London is simply overwhelming (and compared to other European cities a maze at times).

So let’s try to do this together. I will write up thoughts and ideas over the next weeks. I will share impressions and news on London as I always did. If you are keen to find your luck in London and have some questions feel free to ask.

Enjoy the London Diary!

– Catherine


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