All change, please!


I initially started this blog to share my London-experience, to share a couple of travel impressions.

For a living I am analysing geopolitical developments. I love the challenge to stay on top of what’s going on and trying to make sense of it for the greater good. I am lucky enough to live in one of the greatest and fastest moving cities in the world. I am reading and hearing great stuff from even greater people every day. I feel this needs to be shared, too. Of course I can’t and won’t cite literally. I will try to raise questions and awareness. If you agree please feel free to spread the word; deep down I still have hope that things can be changed but we need to work together. If you feel like adding something just leave a comment.

The long and short: ‘All change, please’ is a sentence that might be very familiar to many Londoners and yet it couldn’t be more timely. I think it’s a great theme for this new project. Little by little I will reveal what it means.

Looking forward to many great conversations.

– Catherine


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