Foodies & Goodies

Food (and drinks, yes!) is a great way to literally taste a country. It reveals so much not only about the taste of the people but also their lifestyle and culture. People always claim that the British don’t know how to cook. However, there are some very delicious dishes and pastries to be found in their kitchens. One of many nations favourits are potatoes. And all of them claim them to be ‘their’ national food. But well, London is international like no other place…

Potatoes are among the prime foods of so many nations. Here is another healthy, delicious and fast way to enjoy a potato. One of the best things, there are no limits to your creativity when it comes to toppings, be it  tuna, baked beans or simply cheese and butter. For a recipe to prepare the perfect one click here. Oh, and call it whatever you like: Jaket Potato, Ofenkartoffel, pomme de terre au four, etc.


– Catherine


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