The Bridge

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Hammersmith Bridge.

– Catherine



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Impressions from a walk in the park. A park with a view. And deer (as you can see in the last picture). In the middle of London. Richmond is a world apart and a place of peace. A great escape from hectic downtown London.

– Catherine

Foodies & Goodies

Food (and drinks, yes!) is a great way to literally taste a country. It reveals so much not only about the taste of the people but also their lifestyle and culture. People always claim that the British don’t know how to cook. However, there are some very delicious dishes and pastries to be found in their kitchens. One of many nations favourits are potatoes. And all of them claim them to be ‘their’ national food. But well, London is international like no other place…

Potatoes are among the prime foods of so many nations. Here is another healthy, delicious and fast way to enjoy a potato. One of the best things, there are no limits to your creativity when it comes to toppings, be it  tuna, baked beans or simply cheese and butter. For a recipe to prepare the perfect one click here. Oh, and call it whatever you like: Jaket Potato, Ofenkartoffel, pomme de terre au four, etc.


– Catherine

At Night

St Paul’s Cathedral is one of London’s most iconic landmarks. The other day I took my camera out for a little photo shoot. It was such a pleasant and warm night to stroll around.  What do you think about the pictures? The results are not bad, euh? 🙂

DSC03854_1 DSC03825_1 DSC03819_1 DSC03857_1

DSC03859_1 DSC03862_1 DSC03875_1

– Catherine



Boiling London.

Let’s not get to overexcited, it might not last very long. There is only one way to enjoy this amazing town when the sun is out – in the park or your local beer garden (not sure which one the Londoners would rank no. 1). Hence, I am sorry for not being present as much but I need to work on my tan…! 🙂

wetter– Catherine