Grand drama over Chelsea when the sun set the other night. Spectacular. Love London.

If you happen to be in London take a walk alongside the Southbank. It doesn’t really matter where you start off your tour and where you finish. Maybe the most spectacular is from Westminster Bridge (don’t forget to shoot pictures of Big Ben and the London Eye) towards Tower Bridge. Alongside you’ll see some of the most famous London landmarks. Also make sure you stop for a little while at the Oxo Tower before crossing Blackfriars Bridge. Have a look here what your reward will be (maybe also a fancy dinner/drink?). If you happen to do this on a Saturday stop at Borough Market for a look around or even a quick Kangaroo burger.

Today is summer solstice in the Western hemisphere. Here in Britain we have 16,5 hours of sunlight. Summer solstice always feels a little bit sad – because it means that sooner than you realise summer is over… 😦 But before moaning, let’s enjoy!

Sunset in London

– Catherine


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