Volkswagen Beetle

As I promised in my very first post about Mexico this will also be an opportunity to correct some wrong ideas we have here in Europe when we think about this often very unfamiliar country.

I remember when, by now, some 15 years ago there were talks that Volkswagen was producing its famous Beetle in Mexico (and for the Mexican market). The idea we got was that people in Mexico are ONLY driving the old Volkswagen Beetle. Which is of course not true. Some random story from my life: The only Beetle that has ever and forever been in my life was the one of some lady form a village close by (and I am not exaggerating by saying that this Beetle surely must be from the very first generation/s – and it is still running!).

Yes, I admit I have been on the hunt for the Beetle in my pictures. They turned out quite nice, too. (Just remember, don’t let the pictures give you the wrong impression!)





– Catherine


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