Tulum | Mexico

It’s now already far too long that I am back from Mexico. Whenever I look at the pictures I still can’t believe how beautiful and rich in (mostly to us unknown) history this country is. Such an amazing experience. I want to go back rather sooner than later.

Tulum was one of the last cities built and inhabited by the Mayas. It was at its height between the 13th and 15th century and managed to survive about 70 years after the Spanish began occupying Mexico. El Castillo, the Temple of the Frescoes, and the Temple of the Descending God are the three most famous buildings.

It’s also allowed to enjoy the beach next to the site – so don’t forget to bring your stuff!

Also watch out for the Iguanas on the Yucatan Peninsula. They are just everywhere. Sometimes its hard to spot them in the grass since they are doing a really good job hiding. And don’t be surprised when you stumble across them in cities, too.

– Catherine


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