I couldn’t wait any longer to show you these pictures. In fact, it’s going to be a whole series. I have been to Mexico recently. A place I wanted to visit for a very long time. It simply was the perfect holiday.
I don’t only want to share some impressions of this fascinating country, but also do away with a couple of images we Europeans have in our heads when we think about Mexico.

Let the journey begin.

I flew into Cancun (unless you are a great fan of some sort of resort holiday, it is not the place to be – and not genuinely Mexican either). I was admittedly surprised, I didn’t expect to find such an americanised town in the West of the country. However, Cancun is a great place to start if you aspire to explore ‘close’ (here comes the European mindset, which I described earlier with regards to distances) places like Tulumn or Chichen Itza.

Here are some impressions from the beach at Tulumn. Well worth it, no?

– Catherine