On a rainy day: Visit the British Museum

It’s wrong to think that the weather in London is always bad. It is not true that it is raining ALL the time. In fact, the chance of rain in the UK is 1:16 – this means it might rain only two days a month. Which is actually not a lot. However, one thing that is true is that the sky is always full of clouds. Or as they nicely call it “white/grey cloud”.

So, in the rare case that it is raining when you visit London here are some suggestions how you could spend your time. London has many great museums. The best thing for sure is, that the permanent exhibitions are for free. However, the temporary ones are relatively expensive (and in case they are very popular – like David Bowie – right now at the V&A it might be hard/er to secure tickets). Hence, a great opportunity to explore something unknown and educate yourself.

Here are some impressions from the British Museum. They also offer free guided tours – check out their website for further information.

– Catherine